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Star Ocean: Blue Sphere - Tri-Ace; Game Boy Color, 2001.


Star Ocean: Blue Sphere - Tri-Ace; Game Boy Color, 2001.

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Every single time you think you’ve encountered The Best Music and you feel like you’ve been livin’ that Beautiful Lifestyle, George and Jonathan manage to pull out all the stops once again and blind-side you with III (works best in WebGL-capable browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on desktop, iOS Safari seems to have issues).

George and Jonathan have outdone themselves once again like no one else possibly could, the lofi-funkitude of GnJ’s jams damn well better change your life. “Rock” is head-thrashing, rainbow-colored celebration opening up a mosh pit in the middle of some primo funk jams.

You can listen to George and Jonathan’s III on Bandcamp (where you can buy and download too!), SoundCloud and Spotify

We love you forever George and Jonathan!

DON'T MISS the visual track for "Puppy Love". DON'T MISS IT
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Casa abusiva abbandonata de Collettivo FX (Pizzosella, Palermo, Italy)

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The nintendo gameboy is 25 years old today.

Lets celebrate by cringing at the first TV advert for the product.

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Game Boy turns 25 today! Released for the first time on April 21, 1989 in Japan. Created by Gunpei Yokoi.

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My baby’s growing up

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Keep ya hoes in check.

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